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We invite you to take part in the Scientific Board which will be convened in relation to the organization of the International Conference of Legal Clinics in Poland: “If not legal opinion, then what? A modern model of legal clinics”, as part of which also the 32nd Polish Scientific Conference of University Legal Clinics (Polish abbreviation: OKUPP) will take place. The Conference will run parallel to the celebration of 20 years of the University Legal Clinics Foundation.
The objective of the Conference is to sum up the 20 years of operation of legal clinics in Poland and also the impact of recent social changes on the former’s contemporary model. Apart from classic discussion panels, we also intend to organize the so-called round table, which is an excellent plane for a discussion on the current model of providing legal advice by students against the system of free legal advice that operates in Poland. The Conference’s prime goal is to analyse the impact of the model of the system of free legal advice, of the COVID-19 pandemic and of the ongoing war in Ukraine on the functioning of legal clinics and organizational, procedural and financial mechanisms used by representatives of legal clinics in their day-to-day operation, taking into account practical problems signalled by coordinators and students alike.